tierod cylinder

Tie Rod cylinder ISO6431, The sizes available form Ø 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200,320 and a maximum stroke of 3000mm.

Cylinders are avilable Cushioned , non cushioned , magnetic non magnetic and with magnetic sensors.

The types available are Double acting, Through rod, Double push tandem, Double stroke tandem,Opposed tandem with Piston lock unit, and guided type

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Waircom XL Series
AED 0.00
Cylinders series "XL" comply with ISO 15552 standard, being in this way completely interch...
Waircom CX Series
AED 0.00
Cylinders series "CX" comply with AFNOR NF E49-001 (ex CNOMO) standard and so they result ...
Mindman MCQV Series
AED 0.00
ISO-VDMA Standard cylinders MCQV Tube I.D. φ125, 160, 200 (mm).  Conformance to ISO-6431 &a...
Mindman MCQN Series
AED 0.00
Standard cylinders MCQN Tube I.D.φ1 1/2”~4”(inch).  Designs of oil-filled alloy...
MIndman MCQB Series
AED 0.00
Standard cylinders MCQB Tube I.D. φ40(mm). Designs of oil-filled alloy. special housing and bush...
Mindman MCQA-AH Series
AED 0.00
Air/oil converter MCQA-AH Tube I.D. φ40~150 (mm).  Consider cylinder thrust force is about ...
Mindman MCQA Series
AED 0.00
Standard cylinders MCQA Tube I.D. φ40~200 (mm).  Designs of oil-filled alloy. special housi...
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