Datalogic SR21AH Sensor - Opto-Electronic Slot Sensor Product Code:SR21AH

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Price: AED 1,200.00





Power supply: 10 … 30 Vdc; protected

against inversion of polarity

Ripple: 2 Vpp max.


(output current excluded): 55 mA max.

Output: NPN and PNP on different pins;

pull up/down resistance = 10KΩ

Output current: 100 mA max.

with short-circuit protection

Saturation voltage: 1 V max. with NPN

2 V max. with PNP

(values at peak output current)

Response time: 66 μs max. (SR21-AH/AR/AV)

33 μs max. (SR21-AS)

Switching frequency: 7.5 kHz max. (SR21-AH/AR/AV)

15 kHz max. (SR21-AS)

T rise: 1 μs (NPN; R = 1 KΩ)

120 μs (NPN; C = 4,7 nF)

internal pull up 10KΩ

T fall: 1 μs (PNP; R = 1 KΩ)

120 μs (PNP; C = 4,7 nF)

internal pull down 10KΩ

Humidity: 35 … 85% rH non condensing

Indicators: Bi-colour LED READY/ERROR


OUT LED (yellow)

Keyboard: AUTO SET pushbutton

Retention data: EEPROM non-volatile memory

Operating temperature: 0 … 55°C

Storage temperature: -20 … 70°C

Electrical shock protection: Class 1

Emission frequency: 20 Khz ±10% modulated light

Emission type: 880 nm infrared (SR21-AR/AV/AS)

red/green visible (SR21-AH)

Ambient light rejection: according to EN 60947-5-2

Slot width: 2 mm

Detectable object limits: max. thickness 1.5mm

min. width 1mm (SR21-AH/AR)

min. width 0.5mm (SR21-AV/AS)

Housing material: ZAMA

Lens material: Glass

Protection class: IP65

Connections: M8 4 pole connector

Weight: 115 g.