Cylinder Manufacturing

We are keeping bulk stock of the below type cylinders from Waircom-MBS Italy and Mindman make.
Profile cylinders
Tie rod cylinders
Micro cylinders
Mini cylinder
Pen cylinder
Compact cylinder
Lockable Cylinder
Clamping Module Cylinder
Stainless steel cylinder
Round line cylinder
Double Shaft Cylinder
Compact full body threaded cylinder
Air oil pressure transition cylinder
Air oil power cylinder
Guide cylinder
Clamp cylinder
Multi-position compact cylinder
Multi-pressure compact cylinder
Through rod cylinder
Double push tandem cylinder
Double stroke tandem cylinder
Opposed tandem cylinder
Piston rod locking unit
AFNOR NF E49-001 (Ex CNOMO) Standard cylinder
Ex CETOP RP 43 Standard
Compact cylinder AFNOR NF E49-00-1 and NF E49-004-2 Standard cylinder
Screwed-head cylinders
Roadless cylinder
Hydraulic speed regulator cylinder
Rotary cylinder
Cylinder piston rod attachments
Front/back attachments
Magnetic sensors
Sensor holders
Reed switches